Extra Crédito para la fiesta!

Make this "Carbón dulce" for our Día de los Reyes party and receive 15 extra puntos!

It is said that children who are not well behaved throughout the year do not recieve presents on this day; instead they get coals!

Because every student in my class is wonderful, instead of real coal, this sweet version will be a great desert.

Students can make this dish and share it with the class!

Make this for Extra Crédito para la Fiesta

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Arbol de Navidad


Do you know any songs para Navidad?

Arts and Crafts

What are some arts people in Spanish speaking countries make for these holidays?

Food and Customs

What do you like about these, what is diffrent then yours?

Los Reyes Magos

Who are the Tres Reyes Magos? What is the importance and the background about them?

Navidad and Christmas

What are the similarities and differences between USA culture and the Hispanic/Latino one about these holidays?